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Keepin' on keepin' on.

Well, here we are in August of 2021. We certainly never thought things would have dragged on this long. While many aspects of our lives have somewhat normalized, others have not. And the new surge due to the Delta variant certainly isn't helping anything. In our home, we have 2 boys, ages (almost) 3 and (almost) 8. Neither can be vaccinated and we're not sure when that will happen. Everyone has a choice to make, and ours is that we are not willing to put them at risk to covid, especially given the unknown long-term effects of this virus that not only attacks our lungs but also various other organs (nervous system, cardiovascular system, etc).

This being the case, I am still a full-time stay-at-home dad while my wife is, thankfully, able to work from home to support us. I still plan to re-open at some point and am happy to take calls and emails with questions. In some cases, I can do house calls but my time is very limited. Point is, please do contact me and I will respond.

I hope you're all well and focusing on the positives in life!


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